How to prove my marriage was in good faith?

To obtain a green card based on marriage to a US citizen or permanent resident, you need to submit evidence proving that the marriage was in good faith and not just for immigration purposes. Similar evidence is also needed when a beneficiary needs to remove the conditions on your conditional green card.

What kind of marriage evidence can I use?

Evidence you may include to prove a marriage is in good faith include the following:
- Birth certificate of children born to the marriage
- Joint Bank Account Statement
- Other Joint Financial Asset Document
- Joint Loan/Mortgage
- Joint Car Ownership
- Car insurance showing both names
- Joint Health Insurance
- Life insurance showing spouse as beneficiary
- Lease showing joint occupancy
- Utility Bill with both names
- Copy of couple's driver licenses showing same address
- Wedding pictures
- Picture showing couple together
- Plane ticket showing joint traveling
- Joint Federal Tax Return
- Joint State Tax Return
- Sworn affidavits by individuals familiar with the marriage

How much evidence is enough?

We recommend you to use the free feature from the Immigration Pixie Software. It’s totally free to use this feature to evaluate the strength of your marriage evidence. In order to guide you in how much evidence you need to submit, the software uses a special algorithm to calculate the strength of your evidence. While this algorithm is intended just for illustrative purposes, it gives you an idea of where your case stands. To score high you should make sure that you have evidence spanning different periods of time and evidence of different types.

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